Friday, 28 November 2014

You're Still Living All Over Me

Dinosaur Jr week, day 5. Today marks the final day in my week of Dinosaur Jr posts and in my opinion I've saved the best until last.

'You're Living All Over Me' was the band's second album. It was released by SST Records in 1987 back when the band were still called 'Dinosaur' and didn't have the 'Jr' addition to their name (the first press copies are easy to identify as the front cover has the original band name). At some point in the years that followed, and once the band had changed their name and added the 'Jr' bit on to the end, the album got repressed by SST. And some copies were pressed on colour vinyl. I picked up both pink vinyl and purple vinyl copies in the past, and thought that was all there was. But then at some point circa 2009 or so, Chuck Dukowski sold some records on eBay, and one happened to be the second Dinosaur Jr LP on GREEN vinyl. I'd never heard of or seen a green one before. And to make it worse, the record was sealed, so I didn't even get to see it. It ended up selling for a lot of money. I don't remember the exact amount it sold for, and for some reason it doesn't appear on popsike, but it went over $200. It immediately became one of my most wanted records.

Well, as time went on it moved further and further up my want list, until recently I decided it was probably my most wanted record. So imagine how happy I was when one appeared for sale on discogs recently. I knew I had to have it. It was just a case of negotiating the price down, which took a few weeks. But finally I sealed a deal, and this week it showed up.

Rather confusingly, this album was reissued earlier this year on a different label on green vinyl, although the reissue is on a darker, more common green marble vinyl. This original SST green vinyl pressing is on a very light green and is very tough to photograph accurately. Greens always are for some reason.

So of course, after picking up this fourth copy I had to take the important group photo:

What is interesting is that the green vinyl and purple vinyl copies have red labels, whereas the clear pink vinyl has black labels. The first press black vinyl also has black labels, so I'm assuming that the pink was pressed before purple and pink. The copy in the bottom left is the first press black vinyl, as denoted by the sleeve with the original, shorter band name.

I'm very happy to have been able to take the above photo, and also to have had enough ammunition to do these posts this week. One of my favourite bands of all time, yet somehow I've never seen them live. Crazy.


Jeff said...

I didn't even know some of these colors existed. Thanks for posting these great records Marcus!

Hot Rod said...

Thanks for sharing! I saw that come up on Discogs too. It was a little too rich for my blood at the moment. I do have the other colors though. I didn't find out about this one until last year, so the hunt continues...

kingcrimson1973 said...

Hey man, great blog. I totally feel you on wanting to get all these...I just got a non-Jr'd version of this and it has such a mojo (matrix scratchouts and messages in the deadwax and all!) that the Jagjaguwar records can't touch. They are quality and all but the CD remasters suck the warmness of these albums that they used. They could stand an audiophile edition of the first 3, would sure do better than a cassette box! I'm currently having a spirtual experience myself experiencing this album the way it was meant to be heard. Next up, Bug and the 1st one !! Cheerz :)