Sunday, 2 November 2014

Rebels Will Tear Us Apart

Tonight in Los Angeles, Unbroken are playing a show with Strife, Mean Season and Trial. It's in celebration of the 20th anniversary of 'Life. Love. Regret.' (and also 'One Truth'). I thought it would be quite fitting to post an Unbroken record that I got recently which I have never owned before. This is a split 7" between Unbroken and Abhinanda. It came out in the late 90s on a Swedish label, Trust No One Recordings. Some were on clear vinyl, but I have no idea how many.

Each band plays a cover song on this record. Unbroken do 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' by Joy Division, and Abhinanda do 'Rebels Rule' by The Stray Cats. I completely missed this one back when it came out, and it took a few years before I even knew that this existed at all. The Unbroken song was on their 'It's Getting Tougher To Say The Right Things' 12", but I (wrongly) thought that it was an extra song to make that record worth buying. Oops! By the time I realised this 7" existed, it was selling for a higher price than I wanted to pay. So I added it to my wants list and left it there for a few years until I could finally pick one up for a good price.

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Handsome Pete said...

I had no idea this existed until your post.