Saturday, 8 November 2014

Number-rology Tour Press Version 2.0

Back in early 2010, Youngblood Records released the Lion Of Judah 'Number-rology' 7". A year later I managed to track down one of the hard to find tour pressings in a plain white dust sleeve. I was happy. but then only a few weeks later, Sean from the label told me that the band had actually made sleeves for some copies. Aaaarrrggghhh! It had proved tough enough to find a tour copy, now I had to find a second variant. How annoying!

Well anyway, three years later and one fell in front of me. It was pretty cheap so I couldn't resist.

I'm not exactly sure what happened to this band. I think they just went quiet. Pretty sure that one of them is now in Give, but not sure what happened to the others or if they did actually formerly break up. I'm guessing they did as I have heard nothing of them since this 7" came out. Shame.

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Nico said...

I think I have a different sleeve, picked it up from another touring band in Europe that had an connection with LOJ. I am guessing somehwere early 2009. I am pretty sure it was made before these tour sleeves. Forgot the name of the band, but I remember Ian Marshall was in it. I was surprised to see a new LOJ record, since I thought they already called it quits.