Saturday, 15 November 2014

Now Is Still What Matters Now

Back in June this year I picked up a new Gameface LP, 'Now Is What Matters Now', which was pressed by a European label called Redfield Records. Well, when I had ordered the Bane LP from Equal Vision, I couldn't help but add their version of the Gameface LP to my cart too. And when I was in the EVR store picking one up, I noticed that they were also selling some test pressings of their latest vinyl releases, and I couldn't resist picking up one for the Gameface LP. EVR now make their own test press sleeves with the EVR logo printed on the front, which is a nice touch.

The EVR press was/is 500 copies on grey vinyl. That's it. No black, no other colours, just 500 on grey.

There was also a Gameface 7" that came out as a teaser for the LP, but I only got around to picking it up with the LP. Not much to say about this one, other than it has one of the worst covers of all time, as you can see.

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