Friday, 14 November 2014

Hydrahead No. 48 Edition Of 25

This one is a bit of a weird one. In keeping with the theme of the week (test presses), this is a test press of a record that doesn't really exist. The cover doesn't even make things clearer as it is missing half the information.

As you can see, the cover shows that this is a Kid Kilowatt 7" on Hydrahead Records. Anyone who knows anything about the band or label knows that there never was a Kid Kilowatt 7" on Hydrahead. The only 7" that this band released was put out by Second Nature Records. So what exactly is this? Well, when I said that half the information was missing, I was referring to the name of the other band that features on this record. This is actually a split 7" between Kid Kilowatt and Cave In. Apparently both bands were having records pressed at the same time, and the plant made a small number of 7"s with one song from each band on either side. Someone (the label I assume) then made these simple sleeves out of a fancy textured paper.

As this was never released, the Hydrahead 48 catalogue number was re-assigned to another release, which was the Kid Kilowatt full length. As you can see, the sleeve says 'edition of 25' on the front, but apparently there are less. The only reason I know this is that I know one other person who has one of these and he got it from the band, and they told him that they thought there were more like 8-15 of these things. No matter how many or few actually exist though, this is a pretty rare and I feel pretty lucky to have got one.

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