Saturday, 29 November 2014

Delayed Reaction

So I placed an order for a couple of new React! Records releases a few months ago. The release date seemed to get delayed a little, and then my order seemed to go out later than everyone else's. Oh, and I got sent a partial refund, as they had sold out of one of the records that I had ordered. All in all it felt like a bit of a journey for these to get here.

The main point of interest when I placed the order was the Keep It Clear 'A Lesson That You're Gonna Learn' 12". I was quite excited about this one. I ordered all three colours available for pre-order. However, the smoke colour somehow sold out so I got a refund for that one and just received the 'maroon' (which looks like a burnt orange to me) and black.

I was less excited for the Praise 'Lights Went Out' LP, although I ordered it because I felt like I should try to keep up a little more. I had picked up their first 7" when it first came out, but was never overly excited by it. I orderd one copy of this LP and received the blue vinyl.

It also comes with a cool little zine about the history of the band.

What's funny is that I was way more excited about the Keep It Clear record, yet I have ended up listening to Priase a lot more. The Praise LP is a real grower. It seeed a bit dull at first, but I stuck with it and then reached a point where it got better with every listen, and I'm still very much in that zone. It definitely deserves a place in the best of the year list.


Handsome Pete said...

That Praise record is definitely one of the best records of the year. React! has been killing it in 2014.

reason said...

Got 2 out of 3 KIC records after buying the bundle 5 months earlier. No refund, and no answer after like 4-5 emails sent. So I overpaid on shipping and bought a virtual record.
So they are def killing it.

Praise record is great. Awesome Dag Nasty vibe, so fresh.

Anonymous said...

Great post, glad you dig the records and my apologies for the hassles.

Not sure how I can contact "reason" who wansn't sent a refund but if they email me at I can square up with them.

Thanks, love the blog.

-Ev, REACT! Records