Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Coming Soon... RZL DZL

Waaaaay back in 2008, I got myself into quite a flap over the RZL DZL 'Strictly Saucers' LP. It was one of my favourite records of the year, and definitely would have made my 'best of the year' list... if I'd have done one in 2008. Well anyway, not long after I got into that LP, I learned of the band that came before RZL DZL, which was a band called Jailbreak. I also picked up two copies of their first 7" back then. Looking back at the comments on that post, I wrote:

'Spoke to a friend & he has a copy of the 2nd 7" for me. I'm excited about that.

Well, it never happened. I can't remember why exactly. But here I am, six years later, finally picking up that second Jailbreak 7" with the special last show cover. It's pretty special:

The front cover has glitter glued on to it. Yup, that's right - glitter. Mainly gold glitter, but also some red, blue and green. I imagine that someone had fun making this one.

Like so many other limited sleeves, this one sits on top of the regular sleeve.

It's funny, but I have seen this for sale a few times in the past, and every time it seems to be being sold by some fool who priced it at $50 or something stupid. It may have taken me six years to find one, but I paid a lot less, which was satisfying. Next up, I'd like to actually listen to it. Hopefully I'll find time to do that at some point before the next six years is up.

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