Sunday, 23 November 2014

Another Dead End

When Violent Reaction released their 'Dead End' 7", I had no idea it even existed. It appeared to just come out of nowhere. I just saw it pop up one day on instagram, wondered what the hell it was, then hit the internet to find out. After a few minutes I realised that it had just been released, and that there was a limited, white vinyl press out of 100 copies that was already sold out. Bugger. I thought it would take a while to find one, as no doubt most people who had managed to bag one would no doubt be wanting to hang on to it. But fortunately, my old friend Mark had somehow picked up a spare copy, and was happy to trade it with me.

Just like the third press of the first 7", this one comes in a fancy fold out sleeve. When unfolded, it forms a giant X... and has three giant X's printed on one side. And there are X's on the label. Man, that's a lot of X's.

I'm pretty stoked to have picked up both colour pressings of this 7". But I still want a green version of the Painkiller pressing. Oh, and there's also an Australian pressing that came out on Rain On The Parade Records. I don't think there was a colour vinyl version, but there was a limited number with a stamped sleeve that is (obviously) sold out. So, you know, there's always something to chase.

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