Thursday, 13 November 2014

Alone... Again

So everyone started putting up pics of the latest reissue of the Alone In A Crowd 7" a couple of months back. Given that I have two different pressings of the original on Flux Records, and one of the reissues that Contrast Records put out about ten years back, I figured I could live without yet another version of this classic 7". I decided not to buy one at all... and then the label put the test presses up for sale, and I couldn't help myself.

The test comes in a silkscreened cover which has 'at risk' written all over it!

Well, once I had the test press, I figured I needed at least one copy of the 'regular' version of this reissue. So I added the green vinyl copy to my order and checked out.

Well, what actually showed up was the white vinyl copy. When I had placed my order, this was showing as sold out, as it was the most limited colour (out of 100). But clearly it wasn't sold out and someone decided that I would rather have this than the green one.

After getting the white, which I previously thought was sold out, I then decided that I might as well pick up the other two colours - the green (out of 200) and the yellow (out of 300, exclusive to Revelation).

My yellow copy is kinda cool as it has black 'stripes' in it. Kinda like the tiger on the label.

So there you go - I somehow went from wanting to ignore this reissue completely, to owning four copies. And even after writing this, I'm still not exactly sure how it happened.

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