Sunday, 25 May 2014

Drive Like Jehu

I've said it before many times, but the passing of time constantly amazes me. I just picked up this clear vinyl copy of the first (self titled) Drive Like Jehu LP, and I was trying to work out how long it is that I have been after one. The answer is... one longass time.

I think that this has been a want of mine for either 18, 19 or perhaps even 20 years. I remember getting a list of stuff in the post off someone years ago when I was at uni and this was on the list. I phoned the dude up but it had already sold. A few years later, circa 2002, a sealed colour copy appeared on eBay, which I bought, and which puzzled me by being on white. Looking back, I'm guessing it was a repress. Then in recent years it was repressed on grey. But I always knew that the original colour press was clear. And finally, eventually, I got around to picking one up.

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