Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Red Shook Ones LP

Something like 6 years ago, Revelation released an LP by a band called Shook Ones. This was way back in an era when Rev had a whole three current bands on their roster (the other two being Sinking Ships and Down To Nothing). Anyway, this was a weird time for vinyl. Sales were probably doing ok, because the LP sold out pretty damn quick and I didn't manage to get a single copy. But for some reason they were pressing their vinyl in Europe on the horrible cheap plastic (see the Judge discography for the best / worst example of this). Well, it took me about three years to actually pick up a copy of this LP, at which point I actually picked up two copies (see HERE). And somehow that was three years ago now. But I have now finally picked up a clear red copy, and despite it being the most common colour, this is by far the least offensive to the eye.

If you want to see pics of the release show version, then at the rate I'm going I'd advise you come back here sometime around March 2016.

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