Friday, 15 March 2013

Mob Justice Is The Reason

So it seems like every man and his dog got their Rival Mob LPs a couple of weeks ago. There were pictures of them all over the internet. Not only that, but everybody seems to have lucked out and bagged one of the green copies. Except me that is. I missed the green because I wasn't fast enough. To compensate I ordered myself two black copies and a gold one, although I only got sent one black even though they took the money for two.

If I sound bitter it's because I am. After buying direct from Rev for years and supporting vinyl through the darkest days, I'm apparently now one of the only people who can't get hold of the new releases. Or maybe they just put stuff up for sale when I'm in bed.

Thankfully it wasn't quite as hard getting a Texas Is The Reason discography double LP on colour. I think these also sold out, although not within a few minutes, so I actually had the chance to grab one. Not that I'm as bothered about this one. Anyhow, this is on (almost) solid orange vinyl.

Inside is a complete list of shows the band played. It includes the show I went to. The Duchess Of York, Leeds. All I remember about the show was thinking how boring they were. I didn't have the LP and they only played maybe one or two songs from the 7", so I just didn't know any of the songs.

I also added the Shook Ones 7" latest repress to my order. 500 on clear green vinyl. A very dark green that looks almost black.

Until you hold it up to the light that is. I'm not sure I have a single record in my collection that is on as dark a clear green as this. I really like this colour.


Anonymous said...

I was at that gig at the Duchess too and can confirm that it was one of the dullest gigs I've ever been to.

Willem Termote said...

I know the feeling mcs!! When you think you're at the top of your game you miss out on pre-orders and have to look on eBay, tradelists and pay a lot for them... I truly know the feeling.

Anonymous said...

Fuck! with Samiam and Hooton 3 Car? Awesome!

Handsome Pete said...

I missed seafoam green. I went black. Even though the gold looked cooler.