Friday, 22 February 2013

Descendents 'Merican 7"

It's been quite a while since I picked up any Descendents vinyl. There are only two colour LPs that I need now but unfortunately they seem pretty hard to find. On the positive side though, there are a few 7"s out there, none of which I have.

Or rather, I didn't have any. Now I have two. Here are two versions of the 'Merican 7" on Fat Wreck. This was originally released in 2004, which was before I was even a Descendents fan. The first colour vinyl pressing of this was on red vinyl, which I think was pressed back when this was first released in 2004. The copies I have just picked up, however, are (I think) re-pressings done a couple of years ago. They're more limited than the first press on red though just to keep things interesting.

The first copy is on clear dark blue vinyl. Blue is out of 218 copies.

Mine has a big dirty black smear in it.

The second copy is out of 233 on white vinyl.

Just to make it annoying, some of the blue vinyl copies are on a different colour, being a solid baby blue vinyl. I actually have no idea if this is some kind of transition colour (between blue and white) or a separate pressing. But they're definitely harder to find. Plus there are nearly as many first press red copies as there are blue and white copies put together, yet somehow the red seems to come up less often. But whatever the pressing info, I'm sure that the pesky Fat Wreck collectors aren't going to make this collection an easy for me to complete.

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