Sunday, 24 February 2013

Anger Battery Tests

Just over a week ago I got home from work and pretty much straight away received a facebook message from James of Times Together letting me know that Anger Battery Records had put some test pressings up for sale in their online store. Fortunately I was at home with a good connection, and I had some money in my paypal account, so I clicked through and made a couple of purchases right away.

The first item was a test press of the second Times Together 7". This has a fantastic cover which is a rip of the Uniform Choice 'Region Of Ice' 7". If I had a copy of that 7" I'd pull it out and take a photo of the two side by side, but unfortunately I don't. Anyway, as you can see, this is number 6 of 12.

So as usual, when I found myself in the online store I had a look around to see what else was on offer. I bought a couple of Iron Curtain 7" tests, but a little later I got a refund because one of them had somehow already sold out, even though I'd added it to my cart, checked out & paid. Ah well. Still, that was only one of them. The other one I did get. This is a test for the second 7", 'Year Of The Wolf'. There were actually two tests of this one for sale - one on black vinyl, and one on yellow vinyl. I got the yellow one, which is number 2 out of 6 copies.

It's not too often you see colour vinyl tests, but this one looks really good. A nice bright yellow. Love it.

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Mike said...

I just ordered the last test pressing that Anger Battery had in their store. I saw the notice when the label put all these up for sale, and I managed to resist spending the money...until I saw this post. Damn you.