Friday, 21 December 2012

The Crushing Wheels Of Samsara

Once again I'm showing how up to date I am with another new release. This is a 7" by a UK band called INHERIT. To be completely honest, the only real reason I picked this up is because I know the vocalist, Adam. Dude has always been good to me. We have that 'old dude at the show' thing in common (well, on the rare occasions that I actually venture outside the house). So I wanted to check out his newest band.

This is the band's second 7". The first was released by Reflections and I missed it. This 7" is called 'The Crushing Wheels Of Samsara' and is a split release by The Essence (Adam's own label) and Control Records.

The first thing to say is that the packaging is top notch. The artwork is nicely done and printed on some fancy ass paper. I don't know what kind of paper this is, but trust me, it's rad. I got one of the green vinyl copies numbered out of 100. The vinyl looks lighter in real life, but it was really difficult to get the green to come out well in a photo.

If there was a hardcore band scale then I think they'd probably sit somewhere between Burn & the Cro-Mags, although I have to say that Inherit is a bit futher into the metal/thrash/crossover zone than I would usually venture. I wasn't really digging this on the first play, but I've stuck with it & it's one of my current gym favourites. I'd definitely be interested in seeing them play live... although seeing as that would probably involve going out of the house then it seems unlikely to happen anytime soon.

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Willem Termote said...

It's indeed a sort of green that isn't seen so much. I have this record to btw...