Saturday, 29 December 2012

Silver Is The Devil

Not one that was really on my want list, but I saw it for what I thought was pretty cheap, so I clicked the button. This is Integrity 'Humanity Is The Devil' 10" with the silver sleeve, on black vinyl.

I didn't realise until this turned up that the pressing info is printed on the back of the thing.

I'm not sure exactly what the crack is with this. There are a few of the 'classic' Victory releases that at some point (late 90s? Early 00s? I struggle to remember) got put up for sale in limited sleeves. The ones I know about for sure are the Deadguy LP and the first Snapcase LP, but I'm pretty sure there were others. I don't know why these came to exist, but I would guess that they were leftover records and Victory wanted to shift them... although this one is numbered out of 1419 copies, so if my theory is true then that would be a lot of left overs.


Willem Termote said...

About the possibility of leftovers. Have you compared the matrix etchings of this one to the colored sleeve versions? Maybe just the same tests/stampers but different moments of pressing? Or just the black repressed and the pink and red re-used?

coregasm said...

Victory also released the Warzone/CFA split with a limited edition silkscreened cover.