Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Prisoner Abuse

So you know how it is sometimes. You think about ordering a record, but for one reason or another you just don't want to commit. So you sit around and think about it a little. It may be a day, or it may be a month, but eventually you decide to buy it... at which point there's only the standard version available. Well, that was me with the Prisoner Abuse LP. For some dumbass reason I thought that I needed to listen to a couple of songs before I ordered it, which I didn't get around to doing for weeks. Then (surprise surprise) not only had the clear vinyl gone, but the entire press was completely sold out. It was then a mission to find one available anywhere. So when I found one, I jumped on it.

I guess this sold out because it follows a similar pattern to No Tolerance and Boston Strangler, i.e. it's X-Claim worship and features DFJ and Chris Corry from every other half decent Boston hardcore band of the past ten years. It sounds different to both those bands, but as expected still rages. Wish I had a clear copy, but the fact I don't is my own stupid fault.


Mike said...

Typed up my post for this earlier today, and scheduled it to post later tonight. Now it will look like I'm copying you.

mcs said...

That's ok. Everyone knows your whole blog is just a copy of mine anyway.

(Even though yours started two years earlier)

Across Your Face said...