Sunday, 25 November 2012

Supertouch Double Cross

Last year, for the second press of the Supertouch 'Lost My Way' 7", Reaper Records launched a couple of limited versions themed around their favourite blogs - Double Cross and Vinyl Noize. When they went up for sale you could only buy them as a part of a t-shirt bundle pack, where you got one 7" and one shirt. I went to the store to order both copies, but then changed my mind. I don't remember how much it was exactly, but I'm pretty sure that with shipping it was at least $70. I didn't want the shirts, so in the end I decided that I just didn't want to pay the money for two 7"s. So I left it... and then a couple of weeks later I saw Doug's blog and promptly kicked myself for not buying them, because the covers looked great. Anyway, I finally managed to grab one of them, the Double Cross version. I got it for a fairly reasonable price too.

I also managed to pick up another Fire & Ice 7" from the same dude. This is the 'Gods & Devils' 7" on horrible splatter vinyl with the United Blood 2010 sleeve.

I'm very slowly chipping away at the Fire & Ice 7"s. At the rate I'm going I think I'll probably have a complete collection by 2016.

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Mike said...

I love the look of that DCXX Supertouch record. The cover looks really nice...although, I prefer the girl in a bikini over a photo of a phonebooth.