Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Close Your Eyes And See Death...

So after I picked up the Rorschach LP with Pushead sleeve a few weeks ago, I went on a bit of a Rorschach binge, listening to their music a lot for the first time in a while, and watching some videos on youtube. Then two other things happened. First, someone bought a record from me, leaving me some money in my paypal account. Then two, I spotted the Rorschach 'Live In Italy' LP for sale on eBay UK with not much time left. So I bid and won and used my paypal balance to settle up. Smooth.

I remember kinda wanting this when it came out, but I also remember that something put me off. I think that maybe it seemed pretty expensive at the time. And then at some point I saw pictures of the cover, and that kinda put me off wanting it at all, because it looked a bit shit... as you can see here:

That said, however, I had no idea how great the packaging is for this thing. If you look beyond the horrible front cover, the rest of it is really great. One thing I never realised before is that this record does not come in a regular sleeve. Instead, the sleeve is two pieces of flat card. On one side, they are glossy. On the flipside, each half of the cover is a matte black & white photo of one of the band members. Looks really good.

Then in the bottom left corner of the back cover, it's numbered out of 550 copies.

It's also numbered on the flip side of the front cover with the same stamp.

There are then three different inserts. Two of them are booklets - one full of photos, the other flyers.

The third insert is a piece of paper which is, I think, a reproduction of the '92 Euro tour poster. Actually, I have no idea on that, it's just a guess. But this piece of art was used as the cover for the original cassette version of this release which was put out by some Italian label circa 1993 and titled 'Close Your Eyes And See Death'. At the bottom of this poster someone added some text about their experiences in Europe on tour with the band in '92, and a story about the show that was recorded in Italy and which ultimately got pressed as this LP. It's quite an enjoyable little read. I took a photo so you could read it too, if you're remotely interested.

Overall, this is a really nice package. If you like things at the heavier end of the spectrum and you haven't heard this band before, please sort yourself out.

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Mike said...

I'm not too interested in checking out a live Rorschach record, but the packaging on this may be enought to entice me to buy it. Looking good!