Friday, 4 November 2011

Times Together 7" Record Release

One of my favourite 7"s of last year was the debut 7" from Times Together. I picked up 4 versions of the 7" in a trade with singer James. Recently I bagged the release show version on eBay for the price of bugger all. The cover of this is really nice. It comes printed on thick glossy card and looks great.

The band's second 7" has just come out on Anger Battery Records. I'm looking forward to it a lot. Could come just in time to make my best of 2011 list.


Mike said...

Nice score. I wouldn't mine getting a copy of this myself. Looking forward to that new record.

XjamesX said...

Nice to see you got this Marcus, I was always really happy with how the cover came out, the artwork turned out to be above and beyond what we had hoped for!
I think the new records are shipping tomorrow, so you should get them before the end of the year, and hopefully they meet the expectations :)