Wednesday, 7 September 2011

This month's Integrity post

If a month went by without some kind of Integrity post on this blog then you would know that there was something wrong. I like to think that one of you would even take the trouble to call the police or coastguard. No need this month though. Things are doing fine.

This months additions to the integ mountain are both clear, which is reason enough to whack them together in one post.

Item 1 - the split 7" with Creepout. This is the A389 repress. Clear is the band color limited to 100 copies. I think I have four copies of this record now and I still haven't listened to the Creepout side.

Item 2 is a curiosity. Yet another copy of the 'To Die For' 10". I previously bored you with the BLUE vinyl and also the RED vinyl copies that formed the first and second pressings. This clear one is a special one off of 50 copies which kinda combines the two. The sleeve is the blue cover on one side and the red cover on the other.

Also comes with a different insert to the two previous versions which is simply a picture of Grizzly Adams:

Like a fool I bought mine on eBay without realising that the label have some for sale in their store. So I thought I would be generous and give you all the heads up as there are only 50 copies in existence. HERE YA GO

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Jeff said...

The Creepout songs are pretty good. You should definitely listen to them.