Monday, 8 August 2011

Tarpit 'Checkmate' Test

Back at work after a week off and there was only one piece of mail sat waiting for me... this test press of the Tarpit 'Checkmate EP' on Collapse Records.

A few short years ago someone sent me a 7" by this band. I never asked for it, I just got it thrown in with some other record I bought. I loved it & went on to pick up more of their records, including their LP, which I freakin' love. However, this is one band that I know nothing about. Literally nothing. Were people into them? What happened to them? I'm intrigued. Maybe if Bob could give me some info, that would be great.

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hop said...

I got 2 copies of their split with Victim if you want them (tour /100, and black/295)? Will be with my records this weekend if you do want me to bring them back