Thursday, 22 July 2010

Rot In Hell Test Sleeve

Back in November I won a Rot In Hell LP test press on eBay. It came without a sleeve. A week or so later, Dom from A389 (i.e. the dude who released it) sold one on eBay which did have a sleeve. Suddenly mine felt incomplete & inadequate, so I emailed and asked if there was any chance I could get a sleeve for my copy. He said yes, and that he would put it in my next order... which he then forgot to do. So he said he would put it in the next order... which he also then forgot to do. So last week he sent it out separately, and paid $9 to do so. What a guy!

So here it is - the sleeve I have been waiting for since November:

The back is almost bare, except for a little sticker at the top, which is a nice little touch I think:

The sticker is the one that came on the plastic sleeve of the regular version of the record:

So yeah, a nice happy ending. I can now put the record into a sleeve. Hoorah!

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