Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Sick Of It All 7" For Trade

Last year I picked up a Sick Of It All 7" on red vinyl. When it arrived, it turned out that the vinyl had speckles of black vinyl all over it. I emailed Jordan at Revelation & he told me he had never seen one like this. There are known to be some SOIA 7"s on red with a couple of black spots in, but none that he had seen with the black spread so consistently. Basically, it looks like red with black splatter. I didn't pay much for it & thought it to be a total one of a kind. You can read last year's entry HERE

Now, a couple of weeks ago I managed to pick up another. This one has a little bit less black, but still has the same black splatter effect. It also has the same xerox cover. It probably came from the same source as my copy, since both people bought the things from record stores here in the UK back when it came out. I'm guessing they came out of the same box from the pressing plant. Anyway, I paid quite a lot of money for this one, but I picked it up hoping that I could pass it on to a fellow Rev collector who would be willing to trade something nice for it. I've emailed a couple of people I know who collect Rev stuff about this. There are a couple of people interested. But I haven't really had the killer trade offer that I was hoping for. So I'm offering it for trade here. Here are some pictures:

If you are interested in trading for this thing, please get in touch.


Malbeats said...

Hi Marcus, i want to send you my trade list but can't find an email address.


marcus said...



gmail dot com