Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Rot In Hell 'Hallways' Ltd Versions

I've been sat on these for a couple of weeks (I'll explain why in a bit). This is the release show version of the Rot In Hell 'Hallways Of The Always' LP. There were two different colour covers, and I was stupid enough to buy both:

They also have the band name on the dust sleeve:

And are numbered out of only 21 copies:

And there's some kind of sealed envelope. It probably has lyrics inside, but I haven't opened any of mine.

Now, I'm not entirely sure exactly why, but they also made another special version for their webstore. This one came in a spray-painted record mailer:

But it was sealed with a 'Give Up' sticker:

And this is why I have sat on this for a while. Part of me wanted to leave it sealed, whereas another part of me wanted to open it. So I thought about it for a while. In the end I decided to open it, but I figured I would open it carefully in order to preserve it as far as possible. So that's what I did. First I sliced the sticker with a razor blade, then slowly (very slowly) prised open the mailer flap. It took the best part of an hour. But I ended up with it opened with minimal damage, which I am happy with:

Inside is the standard gatefold sleeve, but the dust sleeve is sprayed and numbered out of 29 copies:

As you can see, it looks pretty good. This now means I have 5 copies of this record. Which is, I think, a first. I don't think I have five copies of any LP aside from this one. Man, it's a slippery slope from here...


Alternate1985 said...

With all the records you have this is your first 5xLP? That's really surprising. Cool looking set though.

Mike said...

Very cool packaging! The first LP that you have 5 of? Really? Wow, you aren't as big of nerd as I thought you were.

marcus said...

Turns out I'm a liar. I just checked. I have 6 copies of the Champion LP and 7 copies of the second In My Eyes LP, and 5 copies of the Striking Distance LP, and 5 copies of the Youth Of Today 'Break Down The Walls' LP.

Mike said...

Thank you for restoring my faith in you.

Doug W said...

That is a great looking package! I am envious.
I am a total idiot. 13 copies of Have Heart demo and I am only half done and have almost no rare ones... ridiculous.

You boys see the new Bane 7" up for preorder? http://www.hurryuphc.com/_search.php?ID=Bane

xtwentysevenx said...

i need the other colour of the release show LP