Tuesday, 11 August 2009

More Free 7"s!!!

It's not too often I get sent records for nothing. I got given two 7"s a couple of weeks ago, and now I got sent some more, this time from Mike. He posted that he had a spare Said & Done 7" on his blog a few weeks back, so I said I'd gladly take it. And, being the nice guy he is, he very kindly sent it to me, along with a couple of other things... although I had no idea what the other things were. So a surprise box landed on my desk, which I was stoked on.

So yeah, the Said & Done 7". I don't know anything about this band really. The record is on Suburban Voice Records who also released the Kingpin 7", which is a kind of classic in some people's eyes. The Kingpin 7" comes on two different vinyl colours - gold and dark red. And the Said & Done 7" that I got sent comes on the same dark red:

Like a lot of records from the early 90s, this suffers slightly from poor production. The mix is not great. But the songs are still pretty interesting. I figured I would use the wonders of modern technology and upload it so that anyone reading this can check it out HERE

The next record out of the box was a surprise... the Daysgone 7" on gold. There are only 100 of these. Mike threw it in figuring that I wouldn't have it. However, I picked this up back in about 1999 in a trade. I gave some dude an Insight 7" on orange, and he gave me ten 7"s in return, this being one. It's amazing what I remember. No idea who it was though.

Since I already own this record, I'm not sure what to do with this spare copy. I figure that the fairest thing to do is to pass this on to someone else via the same means it arrived with me. So basically, I'm making an open offer here - if you want this, just let me know & I shall send it to you for free. But don't just ask for it thinking you can sell it on & make a fast buck - nobody is going to buy this thing if you list it on eBay. So please only ask for it if you actually want it for yourself. If you want to hear it first, you can get the mp3s HERE

Mike also threw in a Suburban Voice compilation 7". I didn't know about this record. This copy has no cover. I'm not sure what the deal is, whether it is supposed to have a cover or whether it was given away with the fanzine. It features Verbal Assault, a band I really like, so I'll probably give it a spin at some point.

Finally, Mike also threw in the record release version of the Betrayed 7" on Bridge Nine, which has plain red labels stamped on one side (90 were made):

This means that I can NEARLY re-create one of the most famous pictures on the internet, as you can see here:



Alternate1985 said...

whoever you send this record to, should send a record of their own to someone, and then that person should send a record to someone, and so on and so forth.

marcus said...

Good idea. Like a chain letter that's actually worthwhile.

Or maybe I should just send this on to someone else who does a blog. And then they send it on. See how many record collecting blogs it can appear on!

Mike said...

I'm glad that you liked the package! The SV comp did come with one of the issues of Al Quint's Suburban Voice fanzine. I think that this version of the Verbal Assault song was on their Volume One discography. It probably isn't so special anymore, but for me, at the time, it was the only place that I could hear this song.

I love the ideas of passing this record along. Damn it, I'll force feed the blogging community Daysgone until everyone loves them as much as I do!

Great picture of the Addiction EP collection. ;)

Alternate1985 said...

well I think the person being a record blogger is a good idea. Should be a different record though, then there's a story. People can follow it, how it got to that point. And people could be wondering so who got a free record this time, and what did they get? There's also that new music factor which is awesome. If you get a record from a band you've never heard of that is.

vinyledge said...

yo bro, send this record to me, i will be more than happy to listen to it on my turntable. i will write about it on www.vinyledge.com and i will send another record for free to someone else :)) cheers

Anonymous said...

still, you dont have it on 12" ;-]