Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Fuck The Nineties!

Man, I am behind with the blog right now. In fact, I'm behind on everything - or so it seems. I need to sort stuff out.

Today's entry is the result of a trade I did over a week ago. Unlike most trades, this one didn't happen in the mail, but rather, in person... and in my flat. Not often that happens!

First up, the Burning Fight edition of the Blacklisted 'Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God' LP:

I'm not sure how many were made, but Dave Walling sold one on eBay recently and the listing stated that only 30 copies were sold at Burning Fight. I guess it's plausible only 30 were sold, but 500 were made and the remaining four hundred and seventy are currently sat in a box under his bed... haha! Anyway, this is actually the only version of this LP that I own. The cover is a cleverly chosen parody of an LP by a German punk band called Oxymoron. I guess they chose this because Burning Fight was a celebration of 90s hardcore. This is what the original cover looks like:

Next up, the pre-order version of the last Integrity 7". This one is on red vinyl and comes with the Dwid Hellion Voodoo Doll:

I now have 7 different versions of this record. Which makes me an idiot of the highest order.


Head2Wall said...

They only made 30. So glad I got their early and got to get one.

xtwentysevenx said...

Not an idiot, i have about 12 different of the Down to Nothing/On Thin Ice split.