Sunday, 22 September 2019

Gameface Tests

I'm a big fan of Gameface. Always have been. I picked up their debut 7" and LP pretty early on in my hardcore 'career' as they were on labels that I latched quickly as purveyors of interesting tunes. I have several memories attached to their records and shows over the years. For example, I saw the band play in Summer 1996 in a small venue (The Duchess of York in Leeds) that was half empty; When their second LP ('Three To Get Ready') came out, I traded some UK hardcore 7"s with some dude at the label for a limited colour pressing and he threw in a test press for free. And I remember how excited I was to see them play in 1999 (or possibly 2000) when they toured their first LP on Revelation 'Every Last Time'. I really loved that record. It was a total time and place thing. You know how it is. Sometimes a record comes along and connects with you in a certain way, whereas maybe at a different time it wouldn't have. But 'Every Last Time' was a perfect record for me when it was released, and as such it will always hold a special place in my heart. So I was pretty happy to pick up a test press recently.

This copy came in a regular sleeve, which makes it better for storage purposes.

Only a year or so after 'Every Last Time' was released, the band released a follow up LP on Rev called 'Always On'. I enjoyed this record, but it certainly didn't hit me in quite the same way that 'Every Last Time' did. I guess that's the whole 'time and place' thing. I also saw the band tour this record, and even though it was only a year and a half later, the crowd was completely different. Was a very weird time. But anyway, I also picked up a test of this LP at the same time from the same seller, which was a pretty cool double grab.

This one didn't come in any kind of sleeve, but I had a spare stashed as Rev would sometimes pack leftover sleeves into orders that I would hoard.

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