Sunday, 31 March 2019

US East Coast Trip, Part 1 - Limited To One

So I went back to the States last week for a few days. The trip came about as an excuse to see Into Another play for the second time in my life, but that was only going to take a few hours, leaving us 6 days to mess about in New York. And obviously a little bit of that time was going to be spent flicking through some records...

The second day that we were in NYC we decided to take a trip to Limited To One. We were staying pretty close by, so it seemed like the perfect time to go. I'd been back in August, but disappointingly found nothing I 'needed' in there. But I liked the shop and the vibe, so I hoped a second trip would yield a better result.

The day started badly, as it was raining non-stop, and in my haste to get to the airport I had forgotten a warm coat. So by the time we arrived at the shop, I was cold and wet through. Not great. But after a few minutes chatting to the owner, Kristian, I managed to find a few bits hidden away...

By far my favourite item was a Standpoint 7" test press. Like a lot of tests, it's not much to look at:

But I was seriously stoked on this find. I LOVE the Standpoint 7". The band released a 7" and a full length (on CD only). It's a typical slice of mid 90s hardcore, with a female vocal. I always liked this record, and it took me many years to find a rare blue vinyl copy. So having a test press sat in front of me was a total 'WTF?' moment. Stoked. And I was told that it came from the person who released it back in 1995.

Just for fun, here's a pic of it next to my blue vinyl copy:

I also grabbed this 7 Seconds 'Blasts From The Past' 7". This is a reissue put out by Pazzafist Records in 1990. I never bothered with any of these Pazzafist reissues before, but these days I think they're kinda cool.

And I also picked up a test press of Rocky Votolato's 'Sawdust And Shavings' 12". I have a few Rocky tests, so it was a no brainer to pick up another one. Number 10 of 10.

Once I'd picked these records out, time was running short. We had to get back to our hotel and check out by 11am. So the only thing left to do was grab a photo with Kristian and then grab an uber out of there.