Sunday, 17 June 2018

Jersey's 2nd Best Dancers

So I've been on a Lifetime kick the last couple of months after finally getting round to picking up their final album about ten years too late. So of course I started looking for more of their records. Truth be told, I already own all of their records, but as ever, that's not enough. So to keep myself entertained I figured I'd pick up more copies of records I already own. You know how it is right? I very rarely buy anything from Discogs, but when this red vinyl copy of 'Jersey's Best Dancers' popped up from a UK seller at a reasonable price, I couldn't resist.

I remember when this came out. In those days pretty much all labels made one limited colour vinyl pressing and that was it. But Jade Tree kinda stood out, as for some reason they seemed to make two different colours of their releases, with many of the two variants being a solid and clear version of the same colour. What's more, they never released any pressing info, so you couldn't know which colour was the rarest. I used to order from them directly, and ordered one copy of each release, and I was just happy to accept whatever colour I got. But looking back I kinda wish I had picked up both colours of some releases as some have gone on to be classics, and now cost quite a bit. And whilst there are a few I'd like, I don't think that this is a bad place to start.

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Mike said...

Why don't order via Discogs? I love it.

(When sellers rate accordingly.)