Saturday, 31 March 2018

Living On The Edge

Today's record is another long forgotten 90s gem that I've vaguely wanted for many years. This is a compilation 7" called 'Living On The Edge' and was released by a label called Positive Vibes Records back in 1991. It features 4 lesser known bands, namely As It Stands, Step Aside, Dunamis, & Device. I think that this label was the pre-cursor to Inner Journey Records, which is a label that I've always been a huge fan of. Inner Journey did some limited comic book character covers for their releases, and this version of the 'Living On The Edge' comp is the Ghost Rider pressing.

Numbered out of 50 copies, I appear to have lucked out and got number one. Pretty cool huh?

I'd heard of this pressing but never actually seen it until I bagged this. Kinda funny, because if I had thought I could have seen it on discogs at any time. But I never knew that the records themselves are test pressings, stamped with 'Promotional'.

I've always been a big fan of detail, and the cool thing about this cover is that the name of the label is changed from 'Positive Vibes' to 'Negative Vibes', probably in recognition of the fact that Ghost Rider is a total badass.

I'm also a big fan of limited covers that sit on top of the regular cover so that they are an addition, rather than a replacement. This one ticks that box nicely.

To finish, I also pulled out my other two copies of this record to take a family photo. Et voilà:

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