Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Green Blast

A couple of days ago social media lit up with tributes to 7 Seconds. Turns out that they have decided to call it a day. In a slightly sad turn of events, plans for a final show or a 40th anniversary show that they were thinking about had to be abandoned. Sounds like they literally cannot play anymore due to the health of a couple of members. A sad day for sure. But a good prompt for me to post this green vinyl 'Blasts From The Past EP' that I picked up a while ago:

I've never really understood the pressing info on this record. I mean, I know there are three colour vinyl versions out there (green, blue and clear). I never really knew which came first or which was rarest, but I'm not actually that bothered really. In my head I think that blue is the first press, but I'm not sure. What I do know, however, is that blue is the one that I am missing.


Nico said...

Interesting, I always assumed clear and green are way more rare than the blue copies. I think I only own a blue copy.

Mike said...

Nice timing picking this up when you did. Nice looking green.