Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Low In High School

I have been a Morrissey fan for a few years now. But never before had the urge to buy any of it on vinyl. I guess partly because there weren't really any limited edition records. They're all just major label black vinyl options. That kind of stuff never really interested me, so I was happy enough with CDs (or, these days, mp3s). But recently I was in town and wandered into a record shop and found the new Morrissey LP on clear vinyl. So I couldn't resist buying it because, you know, clear vinyl is everyone's favourite.

'Low In High School' is his 400th album, and I have to say, at first it seemed disappointing. But the last two weeks it is literally all I have listened to. I think that it just needs a little more time than previous efforts. At least, it did with me.

The inner sleeve is really cool. A full colour photo on one side, then this disco sleeve effect on the other. I haven't seen many like this before.

I kinda wish I hadn't bought this in a way, as all I can now think about is whether I should chase the other 399 albums on vinyl. You know how it is - owning one just somehow doesn't seem quite right.


Mike said...

You got your one post in for the month. See you again in March!

Nico said...

Please give it up before it is too late.