Sunday, 24 December 2017

More Pornography

One of the more interesting releases of the year was Damnation A.D.'s cover of The Cure's 'Pornography' LP. It was released as a Record Store Day release and, despite there being 800 blue vinyl copies, it seemed quite difficult to get. I didn't think that there would be too much interest in it, given that it had been a long time since the band had been active, and their sound was probably not what the modern hardcore kid would be interested in. And I didn't think that there would be many older kids still around and interested in buying records. Well, somehow I got it wrong and it seemed like everyone was into it.

So when Organized Crime Records then announced that there was a much more limited version available, I figured it would sell out quicksmart, so I grabbed one right away. There were only 213 copies on 'clear with white smoke' vinyl, which also came in an additional screen printed cover:

The screen printed cover is, like so many, an additional cover that sits on top of the regular sleeve:

Also, I have to say, I'm not sure which side of the screen printed cover is supposed to be the front. The way it opens (right to left) suggests the text and numbered side is the front, but in my mind this makes the other side seem almost pointless.

Weirdly, it's taken me about three months to get around to posting this, and it was probably for sale for a good couple of months before I even received it. Yet despite having been released probably 6 months ago now, I was surprised to see that somehow there are still copies available in the Organized Crime Records store. Maybe the kinds of people who went crazy for this on Record Store Day aren't as interested in buying direct from labels online? Or maybe not many people are bothered about owning a second copy? Whatever the reason, there's something odd when a version out of 213 copies is easier to obtain than the common version out of 800.

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