Tuesday, 26 December 2017


I've said this many times before, but there's nothing quite as satisfying as picking up a cheap test press. When I originally saw this Eidolon LP test press pop up on eBay, I decided that I wanted it, as I have a vague memory of enjoying the LP back in the mid 90s (although I will admit I probably haven't listened to it this century).

So it was cool when I won this for only $11. Not that I expected there to be a bidding frenzy or anything. Just more that I figured SOMEONE out there other than me would be a little more than $10 interested. I guess not.

Also, on the press release sheet that came with the test, it mentions 'LP on oreo cookies & cream color vinyl only 1000 pressed'. So I got my copy out to have a look, because in my mind it came on a nice grey vinyl that nicely matched the cover:

So there you go - it would seem that in 1992 'oreo cookies & cream' was an inconvenient way of saying 'grey'. Who knew? Although, having said that, I looked on discogs and it also seems to exist brown vinyl, green vinyl and blue vinyl. So perhaps one of those is really the cookies & cream color and mine is a later pressing. Who knows?

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