Monday, 20 November 2017

Sub Pop Variants

So the UK seller of everything Sub Pop listed more 7"s for sale reently, and I immediately had my eye on a couple of them. They were records that I already owned, but colour variants. One was more expensive than the rest, so I decided to watch them for a bit and see what happened. Well, what happened was quite simply that the seller then listed more records, including something I really badly wanted, so I made offers on a few, all for less than the listed price, and hoped that the seller would accept less money to sell more records. It worked. Two days later the records arrived at my door.

First up is this Rollins Band 7". If you know anything about this 7", you'll know that it comes on both red vinyl and pink vinyl. So when I saw this 'purple' copy, I knew it was rare and decided to grab it.

It's not really purple as such, but more a slightly darker pink. For me, it's different enough to warrant keeping, as you can see in this pic (the nwe one is the one on the right):

Next, a blue marble copy of the Fuckers 7".

The pic on eBay made it look like a solid colour, but in real life it's clear. Just not as clear as my other copy.

And finally, the one I wanted the most. It was only a week ago on an instagram chat that I talked about how there were some orange vinyl variants of the Seaweed 'Measure' 7"... and then a few days later, a couple showed up for sale. Whats more, they were cheap. So I picked up three copies.

This lighter orange colour is my favourite. It has a few pinkish swirls in it, which are quite clear in real life, although possibly not quite so obvious in this pic:

The other two copies were both a darker orange, although there isn't too much difference between them really. If you'd like to play spot the difference, feel free:

And finally, all three copies together:

There's also a pinkish copy of this 7" out there too. yup, just like the Bold 7" and the Unbroken 'You Won't Be Back' 7", these range from pink to orange, with all kinds of mix variants in between. And whilst technically I'm trying to collect all three, I think this is the only one I have a real chance of completing successfully, due in part to how cheap this is compared to the other two.

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geoff said...

this is one slippery slope you are on. there are just too many sub pop variants to even think of. but i like the idea of finding more seaweed versions.