Sunday, 26 November 2017

Right Brigade

For as long as I've been collecting records, I've always maintained a want list. It's mainly because there have always been so many things that I want that I need a reminder or reference, else I will forget. If I didn't have a want list and I visited eBay or Discogs, I'd go blank and not know what to search for. So a want list has always been essential. And it's a good job too, because the other thing I have always been is patient. Many years ago I learned that if I sit and wait, eventually everything I want will appear and I will get a chance. Now and again I add stuff to the want list, and then I look now and again. And when something does appear, it's important to me to get it for a good price. So sometimes I can wait for a year or two to get the chance at something, then not bother because it's selling for more than I want to pay. So basically, with these ingredients combined, some stuff will just wit on my want list for years.

Such was the case with this limited 'Clevo Sucks' version of the Right Brigade 7". I've been searching for one for years, and seen several sell for more than I wanted to pay. Every time one would appear, I would be convinced that either I was the only person who had spotted it, or I was the only person who would want it. And every time someone else would pay over $100. I started to think that my own policy of being patient needed some revision. But a couple of months ago I got another shot, and the stars came into alignment.

I don't know much about this record, i.e. why it was created. But it's a cool variant. There are only 38 copies, numbered on the label in thick marker. Also, the labels have the original label detail scrubbed out with black marker. This was released by Stillborn Records, but this variant has no Stillborn detail on it at all. Instead, the back cover has a reference to Standhard Records. It even has a catalog number - Standhard Records #9. It also has some comical references on the sleeve, for example 'Standhard Records Website:' (which, in 2017, is kinda true), and 'original layout barely done by John Lacroix'. Ha!

After picking up this final piece of the puzzle, my collection of this 7" is pretty much complete. I don't have a test press, but I've never seen one so figure it's an impossible find. So excluding the test, I'm done.

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