Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Drowning Room

I really love picking up test pressings of lesser known (or less well remembered) records. One of the advantages is that they are less expensive, but they are every bit as satisfying. Take this Lament 7", for example. Lament was a band from NYC which, I think, featured a couple of guys from Maximum Penalty. They released this 7" on Inner Journey Records in 1991, and also a CD on Too Damn Hype Records (which I've never heard). Then they were done.

Inner Journey Records was a pretty cool label back in the early 90s. The put out some great 7"s - Clutch, Sub Zero, Railhed and Release. Each one came on two different vinyl colors, and there were also limited edition copies with comic books or superhero covers. Great records which were also highly collectible.

I've seen pictures of the Clutch and Sub Zero test pressings, and they coe in the same standard cover. Pretty cool. I do like consistency. I only wish I had another test from this label to show how the covers are the same in a photo. Maybe one day. Anyway, the Lament 7" was the only Inner Journey release to come on not two but three different colors of vinyl. I have no idea which came first or which is rarest. But the colors are maroon, blue and pink. A bit like this:

I actually have a spare pink vinyl copy if anyone is interested. Hit me up...

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geoff said...

as i read this, i was sitting here wondering if i had this record on color vinyl? sadly i cant freaking remember! sad that i cant remember what records are in my collection anymore. old age is setting in i guess, haha.