Monday, 20 March 2017


My ability to think up a remotely clever or amusing title has completely evaded me today. But that's ok, because what matters isn't the title. It's the fact that I have obtained a test press of one of my favourite bands. I got this in a trade recently from someone who picked it up recently but, fortunately for me, didn't want it.

For the younger readers, Ashes were a band from Washington DC, active in the early 90s. They were notable for having a female vocalist with an enchanting voice and, for a few years, they were the band that any other band with a female vocal got compared to. They had Brian McTernan on guitar, who was also known for being the vocalist in Battery. If you haven't heard them, you should check them out. They were popular because they were interesting and different. Well, at least back in the day they were. Not sure if they would sound 'different' today, but give them a listen and let me know.

Predictably, I pulled out my other copies for a photo. As well as the test press, included above is the black vinyl first press with greenish sleeve, and the second press on white vinyl with black cover.

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