Sunday, 12 June 2016

In Faith & Loyalty

I lost touch with React! Records a long time ago. The label started strong, got a little lost for a while, and then Ev took it over and brought it back stronger than ever. But after the 'lost' period, I removed the label from my list of labels I could trust, and unfortunately it has never made it back on there. These days I pick up some of their releases, but I'm a long way behind the preorder crowd. So by the time that I started to see pictures of the For Pete's Sake 'In Faith & Loyalty' LP on clear blue vinyl appear, and decided that I wanted one, it was long gone. A couple of months later and I picked one up on Discogs.

I really like the artwork on this thing. I love how it's not typically hardcore. The front cover looks like something you'd find hanging on the walls of Tate Modern, and the clear blue vinyl goes with it perfectly.

This band features Peter from Sportswear on vocals, but this is nothing like that band at all. For Pete's Sake sounds a lot more mature, which is exactly what you'd expect from a band in their 40s. I've been enjoying it a lot recently, although it took a few plays to get into it. It's definitely a grower rather than an instant hit I guess, which is the exact opposite to the cover and lovely clear blue vinyl.

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