Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Fuck Your Sympathy

So after what must be at least two years of talking about it, I finally caved in and traded away a record from my collection that I didn't really want to part with. I'm not going to say what record it was, but suffice to say that it was a test press, and the main reason that I gave it up was that I got an offer that I couldn't really refuse. So I finally said yes to the proposed deal and sent off my record, and I received this beauty in return:

To clarify matters, this is a test press for the Unbroken 'Ritual' LP on New Age Records. I don't think I have ever met anyone who thinks that this LP is superior to their second LP (the now legendary 'Life. Love. Regret'), although when I play this one I find it tough to imagine that there could be a better record in existence. As some general advice, I'd say that you should never allow yourself to forget how good this LP is. If you're at all sceptical, go and put the thing on right now. You'll be agreeing within seconds. It's fucking incredible. I'm lucky as hell to have this test press, and I'm stoked that it came in a sleeve too, for shelf filing purposes.

It doesn't just stop there though. In negotiating the trade, as often happens, we decided to expand the deal. I gave up something else that I'm not going to mention, and in return got hold of another legendary New Age records test press. Catalogue number 10.

For those of you not familiar with what NA10 is (which I can forgive as not even I know many catalogue numbers off the top of my head), I dug out the regular record so I could snap the test (not literally) with a cover. And all so that your brain could compute what this record is.

Man, I love this record. Back when I was getting into this shit, this 7" was one of the first straight edge records I heard, and it blew me away. I'm stoked to have this test, although it's not anywhere near enough compensation for the red vinyl version that got lost in my missing parcel.


geoff said...

when i first got this record, (right when it came out) and i was confused about the cover being glorified by a bunch of empty beer bottles. ahhh, my clueless days.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, been following your blog for a bit and don't really know how to otherwise get in touch, but I'm selling a load of Give records (it go too hard to collect them and I live abroad now!) and I though you might be interested. Here's what I put up on the B9 earlier:

I live in Dubai right now, but will be in the UK and able to mail stuff around mid-August. I've sent records a fair bit before so I know how to package things etc.

'I Am Love' (Clear Vinyl)/200
'I Am Love' (Red Vinyl)/300
'Flowerhead' (Orange Vinyl)/120
'Petal Pushing' (Green Vinyl)/218
'I Am Live' (Yellow Vinyl)/200
'Heaven Is Waiting' (Rejected Press, Pink Vinyl w/ release show cover)/100
'Heaven Is Waiting' (1st Press, Blue Vinyl)/175
'Heaven Is Waiting' (1st Press, Mango Vinyl)/275
'Heaven Is Waiting' (2nd Press, White Vinyl)/200
'Heaven Is Waiting' (2nd Press, Black Vinyl)/300

'Singles Going Confetti' (1st Euro Press, Yellow w/ Black Swirls, Tour Cover)/110
'Singles Going Confetti' (1st Euro Press, Yellow)/160
'Singles Going Confetti' (1st US Press, White)/100
'Singles Going Confetti' (1st US Press, Black)/400 COVER A BIT DAMAGED
'Electric Flower Circus' (1st US Press, Black)/600
'Electric Flower Circus' (1st Euro Press, Green)/100
'Electric Flower Circus' (3rd Euro Press, Purple) 200
'Sonic Bloom' (1st Press, Clear Red)/328 COVER A BIT DAMAGED
'Self Titled EP' (1st Press, TEST PRESS, Black)/10
'America's Hardcore Vol. 2' (Clear Red)/765

'Flowerhead' (White Cover)/150
'Red Death Demo' (US version)

'Flowerhead' mailorder t-shirt, LARGE

Everything is in NM/NM condition aside from the two LPs I have flagged up as a bit battered/damaged, I'll chuck one of them in as a freebee if you want a few of the other LPs.

Email me at: mjharris0123@hotmail.co.uk if you see something you fancy :-).

Willem RWHAF said...

What does the title of this post have to do with this record? Explain please...

Anonymous said...

No post for over a month! Please keep it up, the silent majority is watching!