Saturday, 12 March 2016

Too Tired To Skate Tuff

When you have a few thousand records by several hundred bands, it's easy to forget some. Recently I was discussing trading away one of my Atari 7"s, which got me to listening to the band again for the first time in a while. I had completely forgotten how good they were. They were never my favourite youth crew revival band back when they came out (I always preferred Rain On The Parade & Floorpunch back then) but I know people who firmly rank them as the number 1 of that era. I can kinda see why too. Anyway, I decided to go to Discogs to see what was going down on the Atari scene, and realised that they had a discography LP that came out back in 2010 which completely passed me by. I hate discographies these days, but I found a copy of this one on limited clear vinyl for a really good price. Plus it's a 12" whereas all other Atari records are 7"s. So basically I got sucked in.

This was released on CD on Broken Man Records, and the vinyl edition was pressed by a couple of German labels - Prügelprinz Records and Drastic Actions. There were 400 back vinyl, and 100 on clear.

The clear vinyl copies also came with a pretty cool sticker made from griptape. Even better is that it's pink, which seems to have become my favourite colour.

Well, I got sucked in even more, as I spotted a test press for sale. The price wasn't too bad, but it also had a 'make offer' button, which I used to successfully get it a bit cheaper. The tests are numbered out of 25 copies, and I got number 8.

The test also came with a sticker, but this one is just a regular sticker. It's not made from griptape this time around.

Now, please excuse me while I got find my skateboard...

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Willem RWHAF said...

The black cover seems to fade in the background at first sight. Instant test press collecting sucks. I prefer the hunt later...