Sunday, 14 February 2016

True Identity

I saw a lot of people listing the True Identity demo in their best of 2015 lists, but seeing as it only came out on cassette, I didn't hear it. I'm have a total disdain for tapes, especially in the modern era. The way I see it, if something only exists on tape, then it doesn't actually exist.

Thankfully, however, the good folks at React! and Refuse Records saw fit to give this thing a proper release on a proper format so I could finally hear it.

Each label made 250 colour vinyl copies, and despite missing the React! copies on gold, fortunately the blue copies were still available from Refuse... probably because most Americans didn't want to pay the overseas shipping. Still, I think it worked out ok, as the blue vinyl is clearly the most fitting colour for this thing. Gold seems like a poor choice. I'm happy.

I've got to say, this is some good shit. I don't know why I seem surprised, given that this contains both Aram and Jim from Champion. But after listening to this one a few times over the past week or so, my main issue is that there aren't enough songs. Hopefully there will be a follow up release soon.


Anonymous said...

You're missing out on a ton of great demos with your "no tapes" rule.

Daniel Hoskin said...

im not into the whole tape thing either and this is a banger for sure (again we should have zero surprise of this)