Sunday, 21 February 2016

Nothing Less

Just over a year ago I saw Mindset play in London. I chatted to Ev before they played and told him that I thought that their LP, 'Leave No Doubt', was probably the best straight edge record since The First Step's 'What We Know'. A year later and the band are almost done. They just put out a final 7" on Ev's label' React! Records, and last weekend they popped over to Europe to play three final European shows. I couldn't make it to the one in the UK, but a friend picked up a copy of their new 7" for me.

The 'Nothing Less' 7" went up for pre-order in mid January, and the red vinyl sold out in a few minutes. I didn't get one. So I'm very happy to get this maroon vinyl tour copy.

It's immediately obvious that they put a lot of effort into this record. The sleeve is a tri-fold affair, with a great layout which includes lots of live photos.

It's always sad when a good band calls it quits, but this 7" makes it bittersweet. The songs on here are really good. Truly next level stuff. So it's a shame that we won't get any more, but at the same time, it's good to see them going out on a high.

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