Monday, 10 August 2015

UKHC Represses

When I picked up the Rival Mob 12" from Quality Control HQ, I looked around the store to find a few 7"s that I thought were worthy of my time and money.

First up was the Arms Race 7". I picked up a black vinyl UK pressing of this one back in January as the blue vinyl was sold out. But this was the repressed by the mighty Painkiller Records for fools in the States, and it comes in two different formats. The first 150 copies come on red vinyl, and in a matching red sleeve.

And the regular version is black vinyl, but in a green sleeve:

There were also a couple of Violent Reaction represses available, both on red vinyl. The first 7", out of 250 copies:

And also the 'Dead End EP', out of a significantly higher 400 copies:

I don't even feel like I have many Violent Reaction records, yet I saw someone's collection photo on instagram and I had most of 'em.

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Nico said...

The UK has so many great bands these last few years. But sadly they barely tour enough on the mainland.