Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Give Stuff

It seems to me that a few people have given up collecting Give records. And who can blame them? It seems there are more every other week, to the point where it's starting to get annoying. Well, unless you're me of course, in which case it's still a bit of good fun.

The first record of this post is the Revelation released 'Sonic Bloom' 12". Despite still really enjoying Give, this feels like the most pointless of all their releases. It has five songs, of which two were on the 'Electric Flower Circus' LP, which came out first. So really this is a 12" for three songs. Or in my case, three 12"s for three songs... which doesn't seem to represent good value for money.

I also managed to find a yellow vinyl copy of the 'Live' 7", which I missed at pre-order stage because people actually cared about Give records back then.

And finally, it's the second press of the Euro pressing of the 'Electric Flower Circus' LP on purple vinyl. I think this marks the fourth copy of this LP that I have bought, and there are another couple on the way.

If anyone is interested, I have a couple of spare Give records. I have the above purple copy of the LP, a first press Euro pressing copy on green, and also a red vinyl copy of the live 7". Get at me if you want any of these things.

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