Sunday, 23 September 2012

Young Republicans 'Sabotage Your Cookout'

Young Republicans 'Sabotage Your Cookout' 7". I've been after one of these since this record came out almost two years ago. At the time it was released, the limited version sold out super quick and I missed it. But I finally managed to get one for a reasonable price.

This version is the mailorder version, limited to 150 copies on red vinyl in a cloth sleeve. The intention was to make a sleeve out of something that looks like a table cloth, to continue the cookout theme. It's pretty cool.

The songs on here were recorded in 1983. This band was the precursor to Youth Of Today, containing Porcell and two other members who would go on to form the original YOT line up and record the 'Can't Close My Eyes' 7". In fact, two of the songs on here are Youth Of Today songs (well, the music is the same, but the songs have different titles and lyrics).

I took this shot just to show that the sleeve is made of cloth:

Check this picture of Porcell from the the insert. Great T-shirt!

I've only listened to this a couple of times. It's ok. Kinda sounds like you would expect really. A fun listen, but nowhere near as crucial as Youth Of Today.


Nico said...

Did you notice that Project X song.

Across Your Face said...

Wow, that is such an awesome package. Loving the cloth!

Lecky said...

I have this, it's a great record, I also have the mispress of 50 with the small centre hole.