Saturday, 8 September 2012

Ultimate Test Delivery 3

So here's part 3 of my test press score. The 7"s. As with the first batch, none of these records came with covers, so I dug out my regular copies of the records to make the photos more interesting.

I figured I would just run through these in alphabetical order. So first up comes Revelation 89, Drowningman 'How They Light Cigarettes In Prison' 7". I remember really liking this when it came out although I must say I haven't listened to this band in a long time. But it still sounds good I have to say.

Next up is another Revelation release. This one is Rev 88, the Elliott 'Will You' 7". To be honest, I'd pretty much forgotten that Elliott released a 7" on Revelation. I need the mp3s now.

Next is Network Sound records number 8, Gathering Ground 'Figure It Out'. This 7" is a good slice of melodic mid 90s hardcore. I used to love this 7" when it came out, and again, it still sounds good today.

Next is Allied Recordings 52, a 7" by a band called God Forgot. This was a short term Dan O'Mahoney band. This is a great 7", and I always thought it kinda sounded like halfway between 411 and No For An Answer. I'm pretty sure that there was no color vinyl of this one, so the test is the only option if you want a cool, limited version.

Next, Life Records number 4. The debut release by The Hope Conspiracy. I bet that Dalbec, who released this, would be interested to know where I picked this up because I asked him if he had one a few years ago & he said he didn't.

And finally, Conversion Records number 20. The Temperance 7". This was the band's second 7". I also have a test of their first 7" on Trinity records. I think I did a trade with the dude who released the first 7" years ago for a maroon vinyl copy and he just threw a test press in for free. Stuff like that wouldn't happen these days I'm pretty sure.

So that's that. The ultimate test press delivery is done. 13 test pressings from one person in one go. An interesting score for sure and one that I doubt I will ever experience again.


J@screamingforrecords said...

Brilliant. Really enjoyed reading these posts.

Mike said...

That Temperance 7 inch was pretty good, but their first one was my favorite. Would love to get that one on colored vinyl. Reminds me of the one an only time that I tried to put on a hardcore show. I had both Temperance and Dive on the bill for a local show, and then a week or so before it was to happen, both of the bands bailed on me for one reason or another. They ended up hooking me up with a few smaller bands that never really did anything outside of a demo. It was an okay show, but it ended up being the only one I tried to organize.

Alternate 1995 said...

This was one hell of a package. Very interesting that you split it up into multiple shipments. I like this idea a lot. Whenever someone sends something to me that I deem priceless to me, insurance never really feels good enough. Even doubling the price I paid doesn't make me feel better about the possibility of losing the records. But splitting the package up into multiple shipments is a nice idea.

geoff said...

7" tests are so much better than 12"! but that elliott 12" test tops the 7" test. so, for me, you posted the heavy hitter right at the start. its one hell of an impressive haul. well done. im sure in a couple years you will have a better post than this set.

Flanders Fury said...

Splitting parcels up is an old idea! Sometimes the countries shippingprices aren't linear you see, rather quadratic... hehe!

1 time 10 kg is eg. 100 euro
while 2 times 5 kg is eg. 2 times 40 euro...

reason said...

Good score, although I don't know a lot of these bands (yet).
I've got a God Forgot test as well, and I don't think there's many out there. And indeed, no colour vinyl on that release. I don't think Allied was into that at all.