Thursday, 6 September 2012

Ultimate Test Delivery 2

Here's the second batch of test pressings from what I am calling 'the ultimate test delivery' due to the number of test pressings I acquired all in one go from the same person.

Parcel two contained three records - one LP and two 10"s. First up the LP, which is an LP by a band called Stone Telling. This was originally recorded by a band called Free Will. It was supposed to be released on Wishingwell Records, who made up test pressings but for some unknown reason never released the LP. The band then changed their name to Stone Telling and re-recorded the songs for Network Sound. I think this was only pressed on black vinyl, so the test press is a nice one to have, although getting hold of a Free Will 'Sun Return' test on Wishingwell would be a much bigger achievement. Anyway, this test comes in a sleeve, which is just a regular Stone Telling LP sleeve.

Next up is a test press of New Age Records number 23. This is the Dayspring 'Dreamstate' 10", and like the Stone Telling test, this one also came in a regular sleeve. Once again, there was no colour vinyl pressing of this one, so the test is the only limited version you can get your hands on. I always liked the cover of this one, although I admit it's kinda weird. Reminds me a bit of Robocop.

And finally, another one for the Revelation records collection. Rev 90. The Gameface / Errortype:11 split 10". Ok, so this is far from Rev's greatest release, but it's a Rev test, and the opportunity to pick up one of those doesn't come along very often. This one does not come in a sleeve, I just fished mine out so I could make the picture a little more interesting.

Part 3 will follow in the next couple of days.


Mike said...

There is a part 3? Holy shit.

geoff said...

im guessing part 3 will drop the bomb. this is one of the craziest scores ive ever seen.

Jeff said...

I know that split 10" doesn't get much love these days but it contains two of my favorite Gameface songs.

mcs said...

Nah, geoff, i'm not holding back the best for part 3. I just had the delivery split into 3 parcels and am posting in the order they arrived. There's no bomb.