Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I Got That Supertouch!

Back in May I stumbled across a Supertouch 'Live on WNYU' LP on purple vinyl on eBay. I immediately thought to myself 'what the hell is this?'. When the record was released, I pre-ordered from the label and got the limited red vinyl. I didn't get a black vinyl copy though which I was a little disappointed by. But that was it. So where did purple come from? I searched the internet for the label's website so I could figure out what was going on, but google found nothing. So I dug out my paypal receipt from last year and emailed the address that I paid to. I was told that the purple vinyl was a repress of 100 copies to celebrate the anniversary of the record's release. I was also told that there was also going to be a third & final pressing on gold vinyl for the Revelation 25th anniversary show. I asked if I could buy copies direct. I paid at the beginning of June, and finally today the package showed up.

Seems it took so long because it was sent to me and then at some point returned. Weird.

I had also paid for a black vinyl copy seeing as that would have been the only version I was missing. I was lucky enough to get sent this cool version. This is a record release version sleeve with an un-numbered black vinyl record inside. The record release sleeves were numbered out of 50, but this copy is not numbered. The black vinyl copies were also numbered out of 500 (numbers 201-500, as numbers 1-200 were red vinyl). Given this copy hasn't got a numbered sleeve or a numbered record, then I can only conclude that this is a left over release show sleeve and a leftover first press record. I like this concept because it makes this copy unique. I mean, how many other copies of this record out there are not numbered?

So as I mentioned, the purple vinyl is the second press, which came out a year after the first pressing. There are only 100 of these.

And here's the third & final press, which is gold vinyl also out of 100. This version was made for the Rev 25 shows, and comes with a different cover. The cover for this one is just a single piece of card.

I got what I consider to be a cool number. 100 of 100.

Also, this final pressing is the only pressing that has any kind of insert. Its just a single sheet of paper, but its an interesting little read none the less.

Combined with the red vinyl copy and test press I also own, I'm very happy with this little collection.

Oh yeah... I ended up with a spare purple copy and a spare gold copy, and I still have a spare red copy. Get in touch if interested. I'd rather trade but would potentially sell if anyone is keen to buy.


Nico said...

I have a spare red copy for trade.

hit me up at n.welmer(at)zonnet.nl

Nico said...

Earlier morning, I should have read better. My bad.

Flanders Fury said...


Across Your Face said...

Nice haul!

Lecky said...

I'd like to buy one, any will do but I'd prefer the gold one.